Glasgow Blues Players

Great review from the Glasgow Blues Players website!

“Keys player Joe Mac was taking the lead vocal on the night so they were stripped back to a 4 piece but what a show they put on. Phenomenal players, each one. Joe Mac had a style not dissimilar to Jon Cleary. Great chops and individual phrasing and style.  Really strong player.

Peter Back soared above everything and reminded me frequently of Dick Parry in his style. Extremely accomplished improviser with a frighteningly good mix of passion and control. I had a couple of words with Peter at the break and he was refreshingly humble and a really nice guy.

Will and Adam were rock solid and obviously loved every moment of it. Again, outstanding players playing together, filling the gaps but leaving space…if you know what I mean.”

Read the whole review here:


And he took a nice clip of our set too!

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